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Your Ubiquitous
Parenting Agent

Kato is a reliable, trusted parenting control system, capable of analyzing sensory perceptions to distinguish and execute the best possible parenting decisions for your child - without the need of any human input.

Kato integrates into your household space to create a mixed-reality, 3-D mapped environment allowing your personalized ubiquitous parenting agent to navigate your unique situations.


Parents who are in a remote location from their children can interact through a digital control panel which allows them to control the agent's actions, as well as visualize all the data from the mapped sensors.

Think of it like a smart, parenting Roomba - sweeping away all of your parenting inconveniences!


More About Kato:

Kato is able to appear anytime and everywhere - and can be used through any device, in any location, and in any format. Kato can exist in many different forms, including laptop computers, tablets and terminals in everyday objects such as a fridge or a pair of glasses.

The underlying technologies to support Kato include Internet, advanced middleware, operating system, mobile code, sensors, microprocessors, new I/O and user interfaces, networks, mobile protocols, location and positioning and new materials.

How does Kato work?

  • Kato is networked, distributed and transparently accessible.

  • Human Computer Interaction with devices is hidden from its end users.

  • Kato exhibits context awareness of an environment in order to optimize their operation in that environment.

Core Properties:

  • Kato can operate to some extent autonomously, i.e., without human intervention, be self-governed.

  • Kato can handle a multiplicity of dynamic actions and interactions, governed by intelligent decision-making and organisational interaction. This may entail some form of artificial intelligence in order to:

    • handle incomplete and non-deterministic interactions

    • cooperation and competition between members of organizations

    • richer interaction through sharing of context, semantics and goals etc.

Message us at kato.today@gmail.com for any further questions - or just to say hi!